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Thex answered all of my emails and I'm really thankful for that! I liked that it was quite simple to use. Downloaded the software and connected to a USA server. It worked, so I used it for about a week. I contacted their support team in order to cancel the subscription. Slow reply two or three days, maybe because it was the weekends? They cancelled my subscription and offered a discount. This is probably the fifth VPN that I have used so far.

In contrary to my last VPN Spyoff seems to have a very high speed. They have servers in all necessary countries and I couldn't complain about their client. All in all a good Client and a fast VPN! First of all, thank you Mentors for providing all the high quality reviews on all the different services. It is really hard to find good and honest reviews. But VPNMentor, in my opinion, is honest and trustworthy.

Which was good too, but now I would have to renew my membership and it is too expensive for me at the moment. I then searched for Free VPN but the most werent really good. I know Cyberghost, but I had to wait so long before connection. I then found a three months trial of this VPN and decided to give it a try. At the beginning i had some problems with installing, what their nice service fixed pretty fast. I am still in trial and have two months left. So far I am more than satisfied with their speed and service. If something changes I will update my comment.

All devices can be logged in simultaneously, and you do not need to track your download, as the bandwidth capacity is unlimited as well. I do not regret my choice.. They refused to issue me a credit so I cancelled my card. They do not provide a phone number to contact them on their website and it takes them 2 days to respond to emails.

They say they prevent other people from stealing your data, but I feel that they stole mine! I'm taking it to the bank to see what they can do for me!!


I believe THis is a Scam!! At the beginning I was a little incredulous because of the price SpyOFF isn't the cheapest provider, but it's worth testing it. I was really surprised that you can test SpyOFF for 15 days without paying anything! At the beginning I was incredulous because of the price SpyOFF isn't the cheapest provider, but it's really worth testing it. I was really surprised that you can test SpyOFF for 15 days without paying anything.

So I finally decided to give them a chance. I was always curious about Spyoff because they do have a free trial.

1. VPN-Anbieter: HideMyAss Pro VPN

Since I have already cancelled my last vpn I had to try different options. I usually use my vpn for a lot of downloading so speed is what is most important for me. And their servers are really great. I did nearly not notice any difference. I really hope that this stays the same: I couldn't get the app to work at first - after contacting their customer service, it turned out I used the wrong credentials I used my e-mail address instead of my username.

The whole e-mail correspondence cost me about 3 days of my free trial period. After complaining they added 3 additional days to my account: I hope they can add more countries in the future, though. There is constantly problems signing in and it's not possible to use the service most of the time.

Leaving a support ticket is not possible either since the site hangs. Also, the service doesn't work with Netflix, this is why was the reason I bought it. I realized the same day the test period went out and they started charging - but they still charged even though I told them I did not want the service the first day of the yearly subscription. I would give zero stars if it was possible. The App on the mobile is very quick and reliable too.

I also use this on my Windows device and equally it is very stable on this platform as well. Great VPN and really simple to use and set-up. Really worth its monthly price! I would definitely recommend it to anyone concerned with the security of their device and their browsing.

Hence the 5 start rating score. I am definitely going to keep using SpyOff. I'm treated with respect. This is the most important thing of all. I had an issue with the service, contacted SpyOff, and boom. SpyOff took care of the issues. The best experience ever. Does everything its supposed to do.

Quick and easy to set up and connects every time. I want to be able to watch content from the UK when overseas and so gave this a go. No virus, spyware or other nasties. After suddenly realizing myself and many people I knew were in need of online privacy I, after a hurried but intensive search using free VPN's while doing so no less , was lucky enough to find SpyOff. I have been using SpyOff for about 6 months now. I personally love their service. Their software is easy to understand and use. Plenty of servers to choose from all over the world you really cannot go wrong with SpyOff.

Keep up the good job.

Spy off?Betrug? (Internet, Handy, Recht)

I have used a couple of other VPNs and they are either slow or difficult to use. Spy Off is easy to the fact that I told someone who has never used one how to login and they got it the first time and is using it successfully without issues. The app for PC and for smartphone is working great. Though I had a problem with the PC app once, but customer service helped within 1 working day after I have sent the ticket to their help desk. I will recommend this service - and it is great that there is a lot of servers located all over the world.

Overall, I think the VPN is decent, but would not purchase again, because it does not meet my needs. First, it is not very fast. It tops out for me at about 5Mbps. Second, the VPN drops mysteriously, when I am 'downloading files'.

Lastly, it does not reliably connect to the servers listed. I need a VPN that connects the 1st time, every time, that has faster speeds and that I can depend on not dropping when I need protection the most. Spy off is great!! It let's me choose between speed an security, I love Spyoff, easy to use and understand the program. I have recommended it to family and friends.

I use it all the time, the privacy is awesome and they made the interface easy for anyone to understand it. My younger sister bought a free trial with my debit card while l was at work she used it and never told me. And now that "mute" support does not respond me back about my refund can anyone help me? It's so unfair my bank statement was perfect for a student loan for college until now.

Hi Ralph, where did you try to contact their support? I cancelled my account last week at help. Maybe you should try to contact them there. And a little personal tip: If your bank account is that important to you, you should really take care of your bank cards and talk to your sister about using your card! I mean she is the one to blame for the problems Wish you all the best for your studies! I use it for more than 1 year and never had troubles to connect. All updates has been done perfectly in the past. So I can fully recommend this software! I've had Spy off 'on' whenever downloading anything and yet Spectrum picked up on my activity.

Yes it showed a different IP address but evidently that wasn't sufficient I spent money for this service and it does not work. It works perfectly as i'm able to select my VPN Servers. I don't have to buy sky Abonnement or some extra program by German Telecom. It's the best vpn program that i have ever used. I can recommend it for all purpose. I used this VPN for months. It does not connect to servers reliably and drops frequently. Further, the speeds are very slow and I have found that my IP address is not always hidden.

I do not recommend this VPN. It is my least favorite of the three. The speeds are slow. I cannot reliably connect to the server. The connections drop often. This VPN does not provide the reliable protection I am depending on them for. Their company is somewhat shady and I would never do business with them again. Please spend your money elsewhere.

Of all the main contenders here this is the worst. You do not need this As soon as I saw the charge come through after trial period I asked to be refunded because the trial period didn't work well for me they proceeded with charges and then canceled my account. So now I've paid for an account that I no longer can use.

Uncompromising and very disappointing. Terrible, I inadvertently purchased this program. I did not know anything about a trial period, I didn't even know I purchased it. I asked for a refund the same day but they said no and also said no further explanation would be provided. My advice is to stay away.

You can email them but the emails bounce back. Good vpn with easy to use client app. Unlimited bandwidth and fast downloads. After some testing and comparison to other vpn services I found it to be the best solution for me. Android app is great, windows app looks a bit old school - but it works and the vpn servers are really fast. I had technical issues at the beginning but their support helped me out quickly. I'm online about 24h a day without any interrupts - so just as it should be. I tried different VPN Services. Best speeds and low ping times accross the board.

Therefore pricing is pretty low. A good App for linux is missing but the rest seems pretty cool. They got a No Log Policy! Spyoff has a lot of Fast Servers!


Streaming is allowed and i can use it for kinox. Easy to use one Click Client with a lot of features like a Killswitch and different Protocols! They hide behind a clause hidden deep in the terms and conditions if you sign up for the free trial. They will charge you and not return your money within 30 days if you sign up for the trial I opened up a case with PayPal, and hope that my money is returned.

This is not a business I would want to deal with - it's not that hard to be honest. Nothing actually worked the first few times I tried to start the service. So I cancelled and asked for my money back with in 15 days. They clearly state on their page: They declined to refund my money - stating: Please understand that we cannot offer another arrangement as we are bound by the Terms of Service the contract is based upon.

Therefore, we further cannot refund the fee.

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We regret to inform you that our customer support is only available in English and German. Please contact us again in one of these languages. We appreciate your understanding. Ihre Rezension muss mindestens Zeichen umfassen. Es wird immer vollständiger Zugriff auf alle Server zur Verfügung gestellt, egal für welches Paket Du Dich entschieden hast.

SpyOff VPN

Du kannst jederzeit und so oft Du willst zwischen den Servern wechseln. Du kannst die Dienste herunterladen und anonym im Internet surfen. Somit ist Deine Privatsphäre im Internet bewahrt. Das Installieren der App auf ein beliebiges Gerät ist sehr einfach. Solltest Du aus irgendeinem Grund mit dem Dienst nicht zufrieden sein, kannst Du das Abonnement jederzeit kündigen! Du darfst den Service fünfzehn Tage lang kostenlos testen und dabei gibt es keinen Einschränkungen bei den Funktionen.

In diesen fünfzehn Tagen kannst Du den Dienst jederzeit stornieren. Das Starterpaket wird monatlich in Rechnung gestellt. Es beinhaltet Serverstandorte in 21 Ländern und bietet Dir uneingeschränkte Bandbreite. Der Dienst ist komplett anonym und sicher. Das Premium-Paket wird jährlich in Rechnung gestellt. Du hast Zugang zu Serverstandorten in 21 verschiedenen Ländern mit uneingeschränkte Bandbreite. Auch dieser Dienst sorgt für anonymes Surfen im Internet.

Das Premium Plus-Paket wird ebenfalls jährlich in Rechnung gestellt. Es bietet Serverstandorte in 21 Ländern und uneingeschränkte Bandbreite für ein anonymes Surfen im Internet. Bist Du der Ansicht, dass er eine gute Lösung bietet, reiche bitte eine Benutzerbewertung ein und wir werden sie mit einer ausführlichen Expertenbewertung ergänzen. Leider gibt es dieses VPN nicht mehr.

Die Bewertung bleibt allerdings als Archiv auf unserer Webseite, damit die Online-Communities, die mehr über den Anbieter erfahren möchten, davon profitieren können. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Folgende Protkolle werden unterstützt: Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Webseite des Herstellers. Das ist zwar weniger als bei HideMyAss, aber immer noch absolut ausreichend.

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  • CyberGhost unterstützt die folgenden Protokolle: Zur Verschlüsselung wird ein Bit- und ein Bit-Verfahren verwendet. Es werden nach eigenen Angaben keinerlei Nutzerdaten geloggt. Sie haben bei IPVanish die Möglichkeit, automatisch zwischen verschiedenen Standorten hin- und herzuwechseln. Ein aktuelles Modell ist deshalb Pflicht. Welche Geräte besonders schnell und günstig sind, verrät unserer Router-Bestenliste. Die ersten guten Geräte erhalten Sie bereits für unter 50 Euro.